The Guys getting the shots


Tim Anderson, Myself, Jon Smith

This year, I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with these other fine gentlemen as we document the 2014 Antler season.  Tim Anderson ( to my right ) is the father of Nick Anderson #6 and Jon Smith is the father of Drew Smith, #7. Both of these guys did a great job covering the field where I wasn’t and shared their great shots on Facebook.

When you’re on the field, any number of obstacles can appear out of nowhere.   Referees and other players, primarily.. and then the action needs to occur on the side of the field you are on. Many times this isn’t the case, so having different angles covered is vital to get as much action recorded as possible.   Tim and Jon did a great job shooting from locations I couldn’t, and the result is that the 2014 season has been pretty well documented.

Thanks, Gentlemen!!

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