About Me


Children. They grow up so quickly. During that time we put them in soccer, baseball, football, swimming, gymnastics, dance, band, choir, and whatever other activity we hope they enjoy and excel. My goal is to capture these fleeting moments.

I started this quest when my daughter got involved in gymnastics in 2002.  The restrictions on photographing these events led to having to get very specific ( read that $$$ ) lenses and bodies to produce something usable.  Since then, I have been able to get more and better equipment that’s usage crosses over to many other environments.

Today, I shoot football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, theatre, track and field, and just about anything else where life’s moments are happening and having some images saved makes the recollection so much easier in the future. I also dabble in macro photography to catch the beauty of nature we so often just pass by.

If there as event you want captured, drop me a note, we can probably work something out!

Scott Avery – Elkhorn, Nebraska

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