2018 Reboot

With 2018 half over.. or half begun.. um.. yeah. It’s time to refocus on keeping this site a bit more current. Time for synaptic realigning to make this happen, so we’re going to start now.
Generally, I go by school year, since the vast majority of my activities revolve around the events at Elkhorn High School. With the Legion Baseball season finishing up, it’s time to do some ‘routine’ maintenance ( routine in my world as defined when my computer starts acting really slow because all the unarchived pictures have left less than 10% free drive space remaining on my 2TB main disk).

For those curious, I use external SATA drives as backups. 1 and 2TB drives, and I copy the contents from my main computer to these in, admittedly, an ever-changing method.. which can lead to some interesting efforts when actually trying to find something from previous years. It can take quite a bit of time moving pictures from one drive to another.

In a week or so, the 2018-2019 season will begin with a photo-session with the 2019 EHS Antlers football seniors.
Then the game coverage begins.. Football, Softball, Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys Tennis, and Basketball. Then a short break ( formally known as Christmas/New Years ) then more Basketball, Soccer, Girls Tennis, and Baseball.
Oh, and probably a theatre gig or two intermingled in all that. Scrooge coming up this fall.. see me as the Ghost of Christmas Present at The Elkhorn Valley Community Theatre! www.theevct.org

So.. Welcome to Photosbyavery.com! Hopefully I’ll keep the discipline to update this a bit on a more timely fashion.

Also, follow me on Twitter @scottaveryzzq for game updates from the sidelines.

Thanks for dropping by!

Scott Avery

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